I'm not a member of an organization, neither one in the De Leonist sector nor one in the World Socialist sector.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s I was a pen-pal of Harry Morrison (1912-2004), who was then part of the National Administrative Committee of the World Socialist Party of the United States. In several letters to him I defended the De Leonist interpretation of Marxism, which I still support, and Harry always wrote back to explain to me why I'm wrong. My exchanges with Harry were pleasant, and he addressed me "Dear friend Michael....". Although I was an inexperienced teenager, I felt badly about the way he and Arnold Petersen (who was national secretary of the Socialist Labor Party of America from 1914 to 1969) used to fight like cats and dogs.

In his letters to me, Harry often included photocopies of relevant articles from the journal that he edited, The Western Socialist. This directory contains OCR scans of several of those articles.

Harry Morrison wrote the articles signed with the pen name Harmo, and perhaps some or all of the unsigned articles contained here.

The Western Socialist was formerly a joint publication of the Socialist Party of Canada and the World Socialist Party of the United States.

I insist that criticism is always productive. They who tell me why my views are wrong are graciously doing me a favor. There is no other path to self-improvement. Therefore, this web site, which I established originally to promote De Leonism, must also contain literature that opposes De Leonism. Pro or con, if the subject is mentioned, then the article is relevant.

More coming soon. Somewhere in my messy file system I have more WSM articles that I consider relevant.

Mike Lepore, Stanfordville, New York, USA -- Registrant of the domain name.