Socialist Labor Party graphics


This is a sample of some of the artwork found in SLP publications.
Reprinted with the written permission of the SLP national office.
Unless indicated otherwise, ownership and credit is attributed to:
Socialist Labor Party, P.O. Box 218, Mountain View, CA 94042-0218 USA -


A painting of Daniel De Leon by Frederick (Fred) Precht. From the frontispiece of Socialist Labor Party Golden Jubilee 1890-1940, published in 1940. (Downloading the 3000-pixel-high version may give you the best quality if you want to make a large print, but the file size is almost two million bytes.) 284x400 568x750 2133x3000

Cartoon depicting fascism as the iron hoop placed around the collapsing barrel of capitalism. From the pamphlet, Eric Hass, The Reactionary Right: Incipient Fascism, 1963, second printing 1966, page 10. 429x600

One of the many charts used to illustrate the proposed system of workers' democratic management of industry. Scanned from The People, edition of Sept. 22, 1990. 1035x388 Please read more about this industrial government concept.

This sketch of the cultural anthropologist Lewis Henry Morgan is taken from the SLP pamphlet, L. H. Morgan, Montezuma's Dinner: An Essay on the Tribal Society of the North American Indians, 2nd printing, 1967, page 2. 430x600 Find more information about Morgan's work.

A cartoon showing workers from various countries strapping the world together. The caption is a quotation from Abraham Lincoln: "The strongest bond of human sympathy, outside of the family relation, should be one of uniting all working people of all nations, tongues and kindreds." From the 1948 SLP edition of the Communist Manifesto, page 76. 451x600

A facsimile of the sheet music for the Internationale in the key of C, with French lyrics by Eugene Pottier. From the 1948 SLP edition of the Communist Manifesto, page 73. 353x600 471x800 If you don't know this socialist anthem, there's a web site where you can download mp3 recordings in numerous languages.

Four sketches by the famous bronze sculptor, and socialist, Paul Herzel (1876-1956) decorated the pamphlet Arnold Petersen, Reviling of the Great, 1949. The image of Thomas Jefferson 451x600 was used as the frontispiece preceding the title page. Abraham Lincoln 451x600 inserted between pages 32-33. Karl Marx 451x600 between pages 64-65. Daniel De Leon 451x600 between 96-97.

The People of June 4, 1990 included a fascimile of The Daily People edition June 30, 1906. This in an image of the first page. 1264x1000

Photograph of De Leon working in his office as it appeared in The People on June 30, 1990. The caption says, "Daniel De Leon at his desk in the 'flatiron' building." 876x600

A sketch of De Leon by Walter Steinhilber, with an autograph. I scanned this image from page 2 of The Ballot and the Class Struggle, 8th printing, 1971. 353x600

During 1899-1900 a small group of disruptive party members, nicknamed the Kangaroos, forcibly seized one of the SLP's offices, claimed to be the real elected officers of the party, and put out counterfeit editions of the party press. This was one of their posters usurping the party's name and libeling De Leon. Until I can find a cleaner version, I copied this image from the google ebook (.pdf file) Daniel De Leon: A Man and his Works , page 120. 361x521 Please read more about the kangaroo conspiracy.


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