De Leonist Society of Canada reprints many of these articles from the newsletter of the De Leonist Society of Canada. The publication was called The De Leonist Society Bulletin through the issue of July-Aug. 1994, temporarily suspended, and then called The De Leonist Review begining with the issue of Jan.-Feb. 1995. Unless indicated otherwise, that newsletter is the periodical being referenced when the list of links shows a date, such as "Nov.-Dec. 1999".

Certain other articles are reprinted from the Discussion Bulletin, a libertarian socialist journal that ceased publication in 2003.

The first issue of the De Leonist Review included a position paper announcing an important change in the organization's views about political government.

The last known-good means of contact I had for the organization was the following postal address, and email contact was not available.

The De Leonist Society of Canada
P.O. Box 944 Station F
Toronto, Ontario M4Y 2N9

The operator of this web site doesn't have any formal affiliation with the De Leonist Society or with any other political or economic organization.